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We foster the integration of young refugees in Austria through regular recreational activities. Find out more about our approach here!

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Bear our message and support our youngsters! Our T-shirts and Pullovers are made 100% with organic cotton and produced under fair conditions.

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PlayTogetherNow is a voluntary association founded in 2015 offering regular recreational activities to people who fled their home country.

Our aim is to help ease their arrival in Austria, as well as integrate them into our society. Having fun, willing to coexist with people hailing from different cultures, and fair play are our values. To date, we have reached out to about 200 asylum seekers in the Greater Vienna area.


Sport is a central theme in our association. We offer to people who have fled their home countries, several days per week, the opportunity to play football in Vienna. Through a shared enthusiasm with our youngsters fundamental values, such as team spirit and fair play, are promoted in a German-speaking atmosphere. We also regularly participate in amateur tournaments. Since September 2016, we have a football team competing in the Vienna DSG-Liga, and a second football team has entered since September 2017. More recently, an U-14 team has been co-created with Peter Hackmair, our partner from football school Teco7. And finally 2018 we started playing soccer with women!

© Lisa Sophie Kirchmayer & Lena Wallner

Our vision is to one day be able to live in a society based on solidarity and diversity; where people, regardless their roots, can live a good life.

In our Theatre and Dance group, the creative potential of our youngsters is furthered. The “Theatre of Dreams” offers workshops, features pieces written by and carried out by our young men and women and provides them with a stage to perform on. Said pieces have already been regularly performed in front of impressed audiences. The German language and limitless creativity are key instruments behind these realizations.

On top of this, PlayTogetherNow offers advice and support to our youngsters. Volunteers assist them when there are problems at school, to find accommodation, and/or help them complete bureaucratic responsibilities. Since the autumn of 2017, PlayTogetherNow is an official traineeship hub for students undertaking the preparatory psychotherapeutic course. Through this, our youngsters can also be closely attended to. In Teco7 our youngsters have the chance to complete a formation to become a youth football coach.

ORF moderator and ex-football professional Peter Hackmair is strongly engaged with our youngsters. He makes possible their chance to complete football-coaching formations and is an inspirational role model! In 2016, he received “Österreichischen Lotterien’s ‘Sportler mit Herz’” prize for his engagement with PlayTogetherNow.

Nach der Preisvergabe zum "Sportler mit Herz"
Rapids Mittelfeldspieler Stefan Schwab und Verteidiger Christopher Dibon mit PlayTogetherNow bei der Fussballgala

2018 we got a fine addition: communal cooking. One day a month, CookTogetherNow prepares a three-course menu. Each cooking session sees a different regional culinary emphasis. Young refugees cook together with other hobby cooks. Through this social encounter, one can learn from each other and enjoy time well-spent together. Excited guests are invited as well for the evening meal. These cooking sessions ensure several hours of relaxing cooking, during which good food and communal joy take centre stage.

Our new kid on the block is, since autumn 2018, a swimming course with a professional swimming instructor in Hallenbad Hütteldorf. The course is geared to teach a group of up to ten youngsters how to swim, or reinforce their swimming skills. Many of our youngsters did not have the opportunity to learn how to swim in their home country.

Besides sport and cultural events, PlayTogetherNow organises parties and events. Most recently, a party celebrating Reds United’s Championship duly took place. During Advent, an intercultural Christmas party traditionally takes place, which is attended by up to 150 people.

We also sell our logoed T-shirts and Pullovers made 100% with organic cotton and produced under fair conditions on the margins of other concerts and events. All proceeds go to PlayTogetherNow’s recreational activities. In this regard, cooperation with national and international partners is very important for us.

In the world of sports, priceless networks and friendships greatly facilitate one’s integration into new surroundings. A lot of our youngsters actively contribute to assisting in the association’s work, either in football match/tournament preparations, event organisation, or participation in a diversity of events. Only together are we stronger!

© Safia El Maataoui