In the Theatre of Dreams, people from different countries around the world express themselves onstage. Our independent Ensemble performs contemporary theatre and  is offering workshops.

In November we Start with our free THEATER Workshops. You can join every appointment. Its a lot of fun for sure! 🙂

Some facts:
✓ Participation is free.
✓ For young adults with and without an escape background.
✓ It does not matter where you come from.
✓ It does not matter how well you speak German.
✓ You do not need any experience in drama.

When: we announce next appointments soon!

Team  Workshops:  Florian Bösel, Iréna Flury, Soffi Schweighofer und Michaela Brunnbauer with Ursula Raberger

We ask you for registration under: oder PN auf Facebook.

© Lisa Sophie Kirchmayer & Lena Wallner

We also participate once the BURGTHEATER Projekt StadtRecherchen.


Are you impressed by what we do? Or are you interested in setting foot on stage and playing in a self-produced piece? Like us on Facebook, in order not to miss our performances and open theatre trainings!

Contact person: Michaela Brunnbauer