Care by prospective psychotherapists


Since the autumn of 2017, PlayTogetherNow is an official traineeship hub for students undertaking the preparatory psychotherapeutic course. In Austria, the preparatory psychotherapeutic course is the first of two steps required to complete the psychotherapist formation. For this first step to be achieved, one must complete a traineeship in a social organisation.

Experienced psychotherapist, Heidi Haschka, aids us in the coordination of such traineeships. Building relationships must be in the foreground. Through this program, our youngsters can draw on support, if required. PlayTogetherNow also provides support to overcome language barriers, or when more in-depth care is required. Trainees are also offered the chance to actively participate in our volunteering work, and, on the longer-term, to become part of the PlayTogetherNow family.

Official traineeship hub for students undertaking the preparatory psychotherapeutic course.

If you’re on the lookout for a long-term unpaid traineeship (6-12 months) where you manage your own time (makes sense to have around 2-8 hours/week), and are interested in working with young refugees (in part, traumatised), then contact us.

We are looking for, inter alia: individual care, German language courses, workshop organisation, advice for accommodation and job-searching, as well as other similar important issues. We have very experienced psychotherapists working in PlayTogetherNow, who will gladly support you.

Contact person: DSA Heidi Haschka,

Support by volunteers in PTN

A new start in Austria for young refugees is not easy. Linguistic and cultural differences can make one uncertain. Their flight, the surrounding war, and their family are daily companions for them. The past catches up with them and the future is unknown. PlayTogetherNow’s volunteers strive to understand young refugees’ needs and questions, provide answers to them, and, most importantly, support them. We see ourselves not only as ‘providers’ of recreational activities, but also as companions.

We assist in the search for accommodation, mediate legal advice, help in schools, conduct conversations, and much more. With resources often scarce, we are always happy when new volunteers join our ranks. Everyone is welcome!