It’s getting hot in here! PlayTogetherNow is cooking!

Since 2018, PlayTogetherNow has, in addition to theatre rooms and football pitches, introduced the kitchen as a new social hotspot. With CookTogetherNow, everyone contributes to the creation of lovely delicacies, exchanges various recipes and eating habits, and – certainly most importantly – eats and enjoys a wonderful evening together.

Once a month, a colourful group comprising of around 10 motivated cooks meets in a large kitchen in the 18th district. Each CookTogetherNow session has a particular regional culinary emphasis. We started with a traditional Austrian evening, where, naturally, Frittaten (bouillon with pancake strips), Rindstafelspitz (boiled beef filet), and Buchteln (warm yeast dumplings) featured. With each regional culinary emphasis, there are always specialists present who know exactly how to pronounce dishes’ names and who, more importantly, know how Grandma would cook the dish at home! We ensure that


The cooking itself often lasts around 5 hours, which could lead you to wonder: why so long? Well, if you come to think of it, every snippet of the menu is homemade. Nothing has been bought readymade. Such a lengthy cooking process also provides ample time for social exchanges to be had. 🙂

Hungry guests start arriving at 18:00. Once all present, the wonderful three-course menu is savoured. Music is always in the background and the buzz of conversations – above all on food – is ever-present. Everyone is welcome to join us in this evening meal to have a relaxed time. If you are interested, simply contact us at playtogethernow(at)!

Our warmest thanks go to CookTogetherNow’s two chief responsible organisers, David Bösch and Heidi Haschka, as well as all others who so actively assist the team!