We breathe Fair Play


Football has the exceptional power to bring together people hailing from different cultures. Fair Play and joy when playing football are key components to our work. We draw upon an international Fair Play approach whereupon our coaches are trained and players sensitized. Our aim here is to give an opportunity to our players to become coaches through this Fair Play approach.

Women are in town!

Autumn 2018 we started with a women soccer team. We are so happy to offer young women soccer finally. All women are warmly invited to join, all levels required. Please write us an e-mail if you are interested!


Thursdays, 18:15 at Kagran


Contact persons: Pia, Paulina, Sarah

Open Kickabouts

Currently, fun kickabouts open to all take place three times a week in Vienna and Schwechat. As long as we have the capacity, one and all are invited! Please note that the times of these kickabouts sometimes change. For that reason we invite all interested persons to get in touch with us first.


Thursdays, 18:00 at ‘Kaiserwasser im UniCredit Center’. Astroturf shoes only! Address: Eiswerkstraße 20, 1220 Wien. Contact person: Daniel Kemper


Fridays, 18:00 or 20:00 at the Prater. Address: Rustenschacheralle 3-5, 1020 Wien. Contact person: Joe Schramml


Mondays (November-April), 18:00 in the ‘Halle der Business Academy’. Indoor (Futsal) shoes only! Address: Polgarstraße 24, 1220 Wien. Contact person: Joe Schramml

PlayTogetherNow Reds United

Seeing the fun, talent, motivation, and strong commitment in our players, it was only natural for us to take the next step. In the summer of 2016, PlayTogetherNow Reds United was founded. They came first in their maiden season and, in so doing, were promoted to the DSG-Liga 1. Klasse D. Now, they are trying their best to emulate their performance from last year. Trainings take place every Tuesday in Prater.


Trainers: Alex Poropatits and Roland Gradl

PlayTogetherNow Funs

Our younger team, PlayTogetherNow Funs, was founded at the end of 2016 to give more of our youngsters the chance to play against other teams. They are coached by a group of young, motivated, volunteering coaches. Trainings take place with all kinds of Fun every Friday in Prater.


Trainers: Ingo Bergmann, Gerhard Scheibenreif (Martin Kerschbaum and Max Stoisser).

Cooperation with Teco7

PlayTogetherNow is proud of its cooperation with Teco7. We have, since the autumn of 2017, a U-14 team playing there and supervised by qualified youth coaches from the Teco7 football school. Common values and visions of an open society and love for football is what attracted us to this project.

Teco7 offers unique football training for children and youth. The focal points of their specifically developed training methods are technique, coordination, and football freestyle.

Through Peter Hackmair’s engagement, it is also possible for some of our youngsters to pursue youth coach formation training.