Your donation enables young refuges to enjoy regular recreational activities and integrate in Austria in a lively and good-natured setting.


As a voluntary association, we finance ourselves exclusively through donations and grants. We, therefore, are dependent on supporters.


Donations account:
Fußball mit Flüchtlingen – Playtogethernow
IBAN: AT34 2011 1218 7147 0506


What the money is spent on?

The majority will be needed for court rents, sports equipment, player registration, referees, travel expenses, interpreters, meals and event organization. Especially the league operation brings financial challenges for the association.

Which donations are needed?

Donations such as artificial grass shoes, training balls, match balls and sports clothing are always needed. Some do not have the option of free travel and are happy about tickets and monthly tickets of the public transport system. Also, we are looking for a small office where we can hold meetings and store our materials. Please contact us before you make donations.