Chairman: DSA Josef Schramml; Psychotherapist with many years of experience in the field of children and youth, project founder of the Üdüwüdü Youth Centre and the social-educational children and youth WG KIWOZI (both situated in Schwechat).

Vice-Chairman: Mag. Daniel Kemper Bed.; Studied international development with a focus on sport and development, teaches Sport and English, and has intercultural experience through his participation in projects in Brazil and South Africa.

Secretary: Jakob Schott MA BA; Studied philosophy and sociology, active in the NGO sector.

Vice-Secretary: Angelika Höritzauer MA BA; Works for an Austrian publishing house

Treasurer: Alexander Poropatits, M.A: sales manager in the food sector

Vice-Treasurer: Judith Anderl, M.A, M.A.: real estate company

Theatre management

Jonathan Achtsnit, Florian Bösel, Lisa-Marie Koller, Ursula Raberger Anna Suk and Soffi Schweighofer (many thanks to former managers: Iréna Flury, Michaela Brunnbauer, Solmaz Sandi, Timna Krenn and Philipp Klakl).


Alex Poropatits and Roland Gradl (PlayTogetherNow REDs)

Ingo Bergmann and Gerhard Scheibenreif (Max Stoisser and Martin Kerschbaum are currently on educational leave)  (PlayTogetherNow FUNs)

Pia, Paulina, Sarah (PlayTogetherNow women)

Head of Cooking

David Bösch und DSA Heidi Haschka

Head of propaedeutic Internship

DSA Heidi Haschka