Swimming against the current has to be taught!

PlayTogetherNow sure likes to float freely in the water, but, when necessary, we also have to swim against the current. So, in order to ensure no one be thrown into the cold water, we have set up swimming classes where we can altogether learn and reinforce our swimming skills.

In the past three years, we have time and again heard from our newcomers that they never had the opportunity to learn how to swim in their home country. Naturally, Austria has endless stunning lakes and rivers on offer, and we simply could not let such an important need go unnoticed. Hence our new initiative.


Starting from November 2018, we will be offering, every Thursday, a swimming class for a group of up to 10 men and women. The swimming instructor is a professional trainer, and she will be supported by people who will accompany the young men and women in the water.


We would like to explicitly thank Sabine and Roland Bösel for not only initiating this project, but also for financially allowing it to be possible.
With this in mind, a final proverb:

The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it. (Woodrow T. Wilson)

Wir schwimmen gemeinsam bei PlayTogetherNow